Hi! Welcome to the First Blog Post.

Good Day!

Welcome to this blog. It's been a while coming... writing is not my thing. Blogging is been something I've wanted to start for a while, but being real with you all, its a little terrifying for me. But here I am. I have so many lovely weddings I'd like to share photos of, and ideas floating around in my brain. Info brides might find helpful, interesting articles, that type of stuff.

Anyway... first blog post, I thought I'd introduce myself.


I'm Laura... a prairie girl transplanted to the east coast. I do miss parts of Manitoba... there is nothing like a prairie sky... those sunsets and sunrises are incomparable. I miss family and friends, but not the winters or the mosquitoes. Nova Scotia has become "home" very fast, and I'm happy to be settled here.

I've always loved flowers, way back before the thought crossed my mind it's something I could do. I began washing buckets and cleaning the floors at a flower shop as a part time job in university, and slowly over time, some of the best florists I know taught me so much. Ladies I still consider friends. After 3 years in a retail shop, a move out of the city, a marriage, and then the encouragement of several persistent friends, I took the leap and started my own small studio. The first year I only did the weddings of two friends, and it's slowly grown from there. 6 years later, and 2018's brides kept me busy! I'm so thankful for everyone that has brought me to this place.

Hi! This is Me. Photo by Leclair Photography

August 17, 2012. Best day EVER. Photo by Moore Photography, Flowers by Heather Page.

Rhonda Spain. We love to travel. We wish we could do it more.

The best niece and nephew ever. Photo by Mallory Brisson Photography.

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