How We Got Here.

Notice something different here? Yup... new logo! New logo, new look, same business. For the last year or so, I've been thinking of upgrading my logo. It was a hard decision, because my old room mate from university days and friend Sarah made it. I think though, I need to back up even further.

True story. Most people when they decide to start a business they come up with a name pretty quickly in the process. I'd done weddings for a few friends and family members, and never contemplated starting one myself. One day my friend Katie asked me... why aren't you doing this for real? I thought about it for a bit and decided, yes, why not? So, I sat down at my computer, saw Staples was having a business card sale, and proceed to make myself some. It wasn't until I had them almost finished that I realized I didn't have a name. Crazy, I know. So, I thought there for a second, and typed in Bridal Blooms. Just like that. I had a business name. Soon I had a Facebook page, and I was off. It worked for 2 ish years, but as my business grew, I wanted a more grown up name, something that would go with me into the future, and reflect whatever direction I took my business into the future.

So... I went looking for a cute photo of Katie and I, and ended up down a rabbit hole of old Facebook photos. So.. I present to you... Katie and Laura.. circa 2010. :0

Us at Josh and Katie's wedding in 2012.. a month after ours! Katie's wedding was the first one I did all on my own, before I ever started my own business.

This time, I did it correctly, thought about it for a summer, tried out different versions, ran it by friends and family. And, summer of 2015, Crocus Designs by Laura was born. The prairie crocus is Manitoba's provincial flower. I knew there was a good chance we would be moving, although I did not know where life would take us. So, I wanted something from my homeland to bring with me. The crocus is one of the first plants to poke through the soil and snow sometimes as early as March, after a long prairie winter. It represents youthfulness and cheerfulness. Also, to tie it all together, it's often a pale purple, my favorite color.

The Old!

I had asked my talented friend Sarah, whom I'd lived with in University days, and she created my logo. I loved it. It worked for me for alot of years, but I wanted something that more reflected my brand, and that was new, fresh, and here we are. I hope you love it as much as I do.


The New!

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