How Will Your Consult Go? Part 1.

I do alot of wedding consults... and I'm very used to how they flow, so I often forget that brides I meet with have never planned a wedding, and never had to think in detail about their flowers! So, today is all about tips and tricks for when we meet up to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

First off.. I'm a studio florist. I focus on weddings and events. My basement is my floral studio. So, our meet up is usually in a coffee shop, or some type of place where we can sit and chat.

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Since moving to Nova Scotia, I find alot more brides are living elsewhere, and coming home to get married.... which I totally get. How can you pass up the beauty of here? If this is you, no fear! This whole process can be done over email/phone/Skype, although I do love to meet you and chat if at all possible.

The meet/consult process usually lasts about an hour, however it all depends on how many areas need flowered, how specific your vision is, and how prepared you are.

Things to think about bringing: your wedding planing binder, your Pintrest flower board, magazine cut outs, the color name or photos of your bridesmaid dresses, or wedding colors in general, and don't be afraid to ask questions! Any contract info is helpful too. Your venue, photographer etc.

I don't just want to talk about flowers. I love weddings in general, so trust me, I'm going to ask if you have pictures of your dress, I want to know all about your wedding style, who your photographer is, and all sorts of other details. It's also helpful for me to know these things to get an overall vibe. Think about what words you use to describe your wedding. This is not just color palates... other than getting married, what are you trying to accomplish with your day? Is it a formal feeling, with a traditional flow? Is it a backyard party family focus? Casual? Vintage? Modern? Romantic? Non traditional and off beat? Knowing this can help us plan what works best to extend your themes to your florals.

I may be a bit bias, but I believe flowers bring it all together. Florals can help create a mood, add color, tie a room together. They can add focus to a particular part of your reception, and don't forget about your bouquet... you will be carrying it all day, it will be in alot of your photos, and everyone will want to see it. I've heard stories from past brides of how their grandmother lit up when she realized she had a corsage, and was so proud to wear it all day. That's getting a little off topic, but it's important to realize what flowers can do, and how they can enforce a theme.

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Somehow I though this whole process would be one post, but I'm now realizing that's a little foolish. So, this is now part 1 of a several part long blog series.

Tune in next time for the fun part.... budgeting.


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