How Will Your Consult Go? Part 2.

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The less fun part of the consultation is talking budget. I'd estimate 60% of couples I meet with don't know... and it usually goes something like this. "I don't have an unlimited budget, we/mom/in-laws are paying for the flowers, and we don't know a definite number yet". If you can get a number, or even a ballpark, it helps. Flowers can range anywhere from several hundred to several thousand, so knowing what we can plan for, even if it's just an estimate is very helpful. Planning for large centerpieces, installations is a lot easier than having to scale them back or remove completely because of budget.

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If you come to your consultation very unsure of what flowers cost, don’t worry. Depending on where you look, you’ll get 5 different prices for the same thing. I did a little research of my own, and this is what I found for “bridal bouquet”. $150-$350 $100- $150 $160 $150-$500

I read through a forum where someone asked how much they should cost, and saw everything from $30 to $250.

Needless to say, it’s confusing, and really hard to know. Your wedding flower quote depends on so many different factors, everything from where we live, to type of flower used, and it’s popularity that year, to seasonality, and so much more. If your getting married Mother's Day weekend, your cost will go up. If your really flexible on what you choose, it’s off season, it will cost you less. Keep in mind, these flower estimates can be in USD, which will be different from Canadian Dollars, and it’s often more expensive to get flowers all the way to Canada in general.

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One more thing and then I’ll get off the soap box of googling flower costs. It can also be a dangerous game to look up what is expensive, what is “cost effective”. For example… you’ll often see greenery as being pushed as a “cheap” option. Some greenery can be, but the beautiful, lush greenery garlands, and huge installs are sometimes just as expensive as when they are flower filled. Garlands are very labor intensive, and being that the greenery/eucalyptus look is so popular these days, naturally the cost goes up. Same with specific flowers. At one time, every bouquet had Gerber daisies in it. I have not done a bouquet with Gerber daisies in probably 3 years. So, naturally, the cost is influenced.

On top of the cost of the actual flowers, and my time to do them, there are a few things to remember that need to be factored into your quote. Consultations, delivery and set up, tare down, vase rentals etc.

So. All that being said, we always figure it out, and if you come to your consultation with an open mind, a budget in mind, we can talk flowers, and figure out something your happy with, and within your budget!

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