Leanne and Matt

Wowzers. This wedding. So here's how it went. In the fall of 2016, we had an inkling that we may be moving, although nothing was for sure.

Leanne and her mom had messaged me, and I had told them the same thing I told all brides at that point.. I was sorry, but I was pretty sure we were moving, and I didn't want to chance it, or have them end up scrambling at the last minute. This one in particular, I was a little attached to, as I had done Leanne's brother's wedding 2 years prior. It also helped that they are the sweetest people to work with.

A few weeks later, I got in contact with them again, with a different idea. Why not use this wedding as a great excuse to come home? So, we planned as much as we could, and January of 2017, off we went, first to Toronto, then Halifax. They were brave enough to do the remainder of the planning via emails and phone calls, and June of 2017 I came back to MB for two weeks, one for flowering, and one for visiting family.

I'm grateful for friends that allowed me to take over their basements with a hurricane of flowers, and put up with me on top of it. I'm grateful for Leanne and Matt for trusting me with their vision, and for amazing photographers that capture days perfectly like Aimee Da Lalande. Check her our at http://aimeedelalande.photography/leanne-matts-metropolitan-wedding/.

Oh.. and I should just clarify... yes.. this is a real wedding. These two, well, actually, their whole wedding party is just that gorgeous.


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