Personalizing Your Wedding Flowers

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

I love personalized weddings. I love stories of how different treasures belonged to loved ones, special things in memory of someone, items that tie people to their past, where they came from, or people they care about.

Here are a few ideas

1- lace/fabric from mom/grandmas wedding dress

2- tartan/fabric from travels/home

3- cuff links/broach/pin/handkerchief from people who have passed, or can't be there

4- rosary/religious items

5- specific florals that your grandmother always had when you visited, or from your mom's bouquet, the native flower of your family's homeland, all pending availability

6- toys/lego how special does it make your nervous ring boy/ flower girl feel when their boutonniere/flower crown/bouquet has a special treat just for them?

But really, the sky is the limit! If you have something important to you, bring it along, and if I can find a way to incorporate it, you bet I will. Trust me, it will be something that you will fondly remember every time you look at your photos, and just might make a few people teary eyed on your big day.

Heidi Included cuff links in memory of her grandfather. They were wired, and placed into her bouquet.

Allison's new hubby is from Gambia, so this traditional Gambian fabric was made into his vest, as well as wrapped the bouquet. The cutest flower girls also had dresses make from the same fabric.

Christine and Jason's son was the ring boy, and how sweet is this Lego version of him tucked into his boutonniere?

Marla included lace from her mom's wedding dress, as well as a locket with a photo of her dad.

Tiffany brought a rosary to tie around her bouquet.

This Sweet Love Photography

Kristin had a heart locket with her sister's name inscribed.

Lindsay found her own special burlap wrap, as well as a special family locket.

This is mine.. from August of 2012. The talented Heather Page did most of my flowers, (I thought I'd be stressed and over think them, and she is best!) and we used my grandmother's broach, some beautiful lace, and burlap to make this beauty.


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