Sarah and Andres

July 6, 2019, I had not picked up a wedding that weekend, as we we're hoping to be in Europe, but alas, plans fell through, and boy, did getting to help out a florist friend that had some last minute family emergency arise on this wedding make up for the loss. Having only met a week prior to the big day, I'll say Sarah was so chill, and happy to go along with the plans, making the whole process so much easier. Combing her fantastic attitude along with the fact she had hired a wedding planner, and the transition was so smooth.

Venue: White Point Beach Resort

Photography: Nicole Lapierre Photography

Planner: Blissful Beginnings

Usually I have "will the bride like this" in the back of my brain the entire time I'm designing, but this week I also was thinking of my florist friend, and hoping I'd be doing her proud as well.

Sarah's palate of blush and pale blues was brought to life with peonies, quicksand roses, lisanthus, delphinium, and lots of amazing smelling eucalyptus.

I'm a huge fan of repurposing, and we we're able to do that with Sarah's ceremony arch pieces, placing them in front of the couple with more greenery down the length of the table. Your ceremony is the most important part of your day, but also the shortest, so why not enjoy your flowers as long as you can!

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