The First Real Wedding Post

Part of wanting to start a blog is so I can share photos. I love getting albums back from brides, it's the best. Being a florist means that on wedding day, I usually show up to the venue, and it's all about getting in, setting up, delivering bouquets and boutonnieres, making sure everything is perfect, and off to the next thing. It tends to be a bit of a sleep deprived, rushed blur... especially if it's a bigger wedding. So, seeing photos with it all done, all the vision complete, the hair, make up, dress, wedding party, all of it, is the best. Every time I see an email with an album, its a great day. I thought long and hard about what the first wedding I shared was.. and I think I'm going back to the beginning of my days. I love that this bouquet is still relevant, and I still get brides bringing me this one as inspiration in some form to their own flowers. Anita and Ronan are our friends... and I'm so glad she trusted me, when I had very little experience on my own, being in charge, with my own business. Sorting through these photos was the best trip down memory lane.

Photos by the talented Modern Pixel Photograhy.


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