Tip Of The Day: Holding Your Bouquet

Let's face it... as excited as you are for your wedding day, you will probably be a little nervous. I mean, it's a big deal! Your getting married! Your almost ready to walk down the isle to your beloved, all your favorite people in the world are there, and emotions are running high.

One thing that often happens, is when you walk down the isle, your bouquet can end up underneath your chin, or at least at an awkward "does she have a top on?" chest level.

This advise was given to me when I got married, and it worked. I actually did this just before I walked down the isle. When your holding your bouquet, you should be able to stick your thumbs in your belly button. If you can't, adjust accordingly.

Brides walking down the isle are some of my favorites. There is such excitement, anticipation, joy, love, and so many sweet moments between brides and whomever gets the privilege of walking her down the isle.

I've loved every ceremony photo I've got back, but here are a few of my favorites, with correctly held bouquets. ;)

Anita. Photo by Modern Pixel Photography

Deanna. Photo by Madden and Vallis Photography

Alison. Photo by Evan McMaster Photography

Mandy. Photo by Sinead Dubeau Photography

Sarah. Photo by Trevor Allen Photography

Jessica. Photo by Rachwell Photography


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