What Effects My Wedding Quote?

If you look at a photographer’s website, or venue, often you’ll see a total price to hire their services. It’s different for florists. If you email me looking for pricing, or packages, what you’ll hear back from me is that I don’t offer any packages, each wedding is priced individually. It takes more than just knowing your date, and how many bridesmaids. I think it’s hard for people that have never planned a wedding before to understand this, as well as vendors that have not worked specifically in flowers. So, for today, here’s a few things that impact your flower budget, and why I need a few more details from you.


1- Flower Type. The difference between a carnation and an orchid is big, especially when multiplied over the cost of a whole wedding.

2- Time of Year. Getting married around Mothers Day? Prices will go up. Looking for a rose heavy wedding around Valentine’s Day?  As with all other holidays, and off vs busy season? Prices are affected.

Getting Married in March Like Andrea and Joe, vs. Mother's Day Weekend?

3- Seasonal Flowers. Seasonal means available, not cheap. Seasonal flowers at the beginning or end of their season are significantly different than in the middle, when they are readily available.

4- Wedding Location. Do I need to travel? Multiple drop offs? What exactly are you looking for, and how long will it take me to set up? Is it something that requires me to bring someone with me to help?

ex... Delivery and Set Up to White Point vs. Dartmouth? Big difference in delivery fees.

5- Numbers. 3 bridesmaids vs 6… no boutineers vs groom, groomsmen, dads, grandpas, brothers etc can drastically change the numbers.

1 MOH vs. 6 or More Bridesmaids?

6- Popularity. Quicksand roses and eucalyptus in your wedding the last few years? Beautiful yes, and very popular. Supply and demand impact prices, even within flower types.

The Beloved Quicksand Rose.

7- Needs. We can chat about things that you may not have thought about. Do you need a toss bouquet? Hair flowers? Vase rentals? Cake flowers? Gift/guest book table? Can we re purpose ceremony pieces? Oftentimes I hear… "oh, I didn’t think about that!"

8- How Complicated? The bigger/complicated your wedding, the more changes you make, means more time in front of my computer sourcing supplies, coordinating with other vendors, ordering flowers etc.


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